About Us

Welcome to the Program of Lower Division Studies in the English Department at Georgia State University. Lower Division Studies comprises all first- and second-year literature and composition courses (1000-2000 level) in the English Department, along with Business Writing. We design curriculum, suggest textbooks, and support instructors teaching Lower Division courses. Our work is foundational not only to the English Department but to the university at large. Indeed, every student who begins a college career at GSU will take several of our courses, and over the three semesters, we offer approximately 256 first-year writing class sections and 28 survey/introductory literature classes. Most students in these courses don’t major in English, so these courses may be the last they’ll take in English. Thus, our teaching offers many students the most intensive instruction they’ll receive during college in language theory, rhetoric and writing, and literature.

Beyond our normal responsibilities, i.e., providing services related to lower-division English courses, we also strive to foster a community for students and instructors. Our goal in Lower Division Studies is to offer the highest level of instruction for students in these courses.