Description of Cohorts (FLC)

Description of Composition and Survey Cohorts:

The English Department offers three cohort classes:

English 1101 and English 2110 (Literature in Global Communities)

English 1102 and English 2130 (American Literature Survey)

English 1102 and English 2120 (British Literature Survey).

All three cohorts are integrated classes, which means students will learn about the literature and culture in the survey course and write about the literature and culture in the composition course.  The two courses have a blended syllabus, integrated instruction, and shared assignments.

The 1101 cohort uses writing to explore issues facing Global Communities.  If you are an English major, you will not only complete your 1101 requirement and your 2110 prerequisite, but you can also use the 2110 course to fulfil part of your foreign language requirement. 

Cohort classes aim to quickly move English majors through the prerequisite part of the major. If a student takes the 1101 and 1102 cohort, he or she is prerequisite complete and ready to take upper-level courses in just two semesters.

Cohort courses also prepare English majors for writing and researching in the major.  Since the survey courses are taught by faculty members in the field, students get an early introduction to our department.  This early introduction which can help students secure internships, focus their area of study, and create an academic plan that serves their post-graduation career goals.