Our Program

Our Program

The Lower Division Studies Program is responsible for the instruction of all English courses at 1000 and 2000 levels at GSU. We are in charge of staffing these courses and training instructors. Our program provides service to both students and instructors on all issues related to these courses.

Our Philosophy

The Lower Division Studies Program is committed to providing the highest level of instruction for our students. We seek to develop students’ critical thinking, reading, and writing skills through engaging them in meaningful analysis of literary, cultural, and other readings; understanding the social and discourse communities that shape writing; and writing as responsible, purposeful social action.

While we are committed to introducing our instructors to sound pedagogical theory and practice, we as a program do not subscribe to a particular ideology or pedagogical practice. Instead, we believe in and encourage the integration of diverse pedagogical approaches tailored to the particular needs of students in individual classes. While all instructors are committed to the same outcomes and goals for their particular courses and often share their teaching philosophies and pedagogical strategies, instructors have the guided freedom to choose their textbooks and pedagogical approaches that best suit their particular classes. We also strive to develop and nurture in our instructors a critical awareness of technology and encourage them to meaningful incorporate technology into their teaching. As a program, we are committed to providing the best technological support permitted by our resources.

In addition to encouraging and providing best instructional practices, the Lower Division Studies Program is also committed to helping our graduate instructors, lecturers, and visiting instructors develop professionally. We make every effort to provide the best means, opportunities, and support for their teaching, their research, and their overall career development. In addition, we also aim to develop a community for our instructors, a community where we develop and grow together.

We believe the success of our program depends on the commitment, dedication, and success of our instructors.