Following are various forms for your download. Please complete the form and turn it into the appropriate person as specified.

Form Submit to Due Date Accompanying Documents Required Notes
Incomplete Form Andrea Jurjevic End of semester
  1. Syllabus
  2. Assignment Sheet
  3. Grading breakdown
  4. Correspondence between instructor and student
Instructions regarding eligibility for incompletes as well as for submitting paperwork to Andrea Jurjevic are listed on the incomplete form.
Advanced Teaching Fellowship Dr. Michael Harker March 15
  1. Advanced Teaching Fellowship Application (attached)
  2. A short statement (no more than one page) that illustrates your records of academic progress, teaching, and scholarship
  3. A letter of support from your dissertation chair
  4. A photocopy of the Prospectus Hearing Approval Form
  5. Teaching evaluations reaching back three years
Academic Dishonesty Form Andrea Jurjevic Within a week of identifying academic dishonesty (plagiarism, unauthorized collaboration on exams, etc.)
  1. Copies of email notification to student (copy for LDS and copy for College of Arts and Sciences)
  2. Student paper (plagiarism annotated/highlighted)
  3. Source
  4. Syllabus
  5. Assignment sheet
  6. Other evidence
Before taking any action, review the materials to ensure there is sufficient support for a charge of academic dishonesty. Arrange a meeting with the student as soon as possible. Simply informing the student by email is not acceptable. Present the student with the
information that suggests dishonest conduct and ask for an explanation. Allow the student an opportunity to respond. After meeting with the student, consider the level of infraction, whether it involves errors in judgement and whether the student intended to violate
academic expectations that were clearly stated in class.Please notify the student by email that he/she is being charged with plagiarism using the Academic Dishonesty Email Template. Keep a written record of all your communication with the student as well as all evidence concerning plagiarism. Be sure to notify the Associate Director of Lower Division Studies as soon as possible.Input an Incomplete as student’s final grade for now. The College will assign a grade pending once they review the charges, which remains during the student’s appeal period. They will request a final grade from you once the appeal period ends.
Travel Authorization Form Jenn Olive Instructions for Travel Authorization Form (Read before submitting)
  1. Proposal acceptance or conference program
  2. Most recent ENGL 1101 or ENGL 1102 syllabus
  3. Brief paragraph detailing use of GTFYW in class or participation in text production.
Although there are no specific due dates for submitting your travel request, you should make every effort to submit it as soon as you know what your travel plan is. Please note that requests must be submitted prior to travel.
GTA Application Andrea Jurjevic

October 19 for Spring

February 15 for Summer/Fall

  1. An updated CV
  2. A cover letter addressing your teaching experience
  3. Two letters of recommendation from people familiar with your teaching and/or graduate study
This is for current graduate students only. Prospective graduate students need NOT submit any materials in addition to their graduation application. All graduate applicants are automatically considered for a teaching assistantship.
Application for 3130 Business Writing Dr. Michael Harker The same day that your teaching preference form is due
  1. A statement that explains why you want to and are qualifed to teach ENGL 3130
  2. At least four semesters’ worth of student evaluations
Normally, this application is required of only those GTAs who have not taught 3130 here at GSU.