Essential Information for Instructors

Index: Copies, Desk Copies, Full-time Status, Key Cards, Office Space, Payroll, Travel


A Ricoh copier is available in Langdale room 950. You are welcome to use this copier or the copiers located on floors 23 and 24 of 25PP. Please be gentle with the copiers, and if one jams, follow the directions onscreen to remedy it. Copy paper will be available; please reload as needed. In the event of a serious copier malfunction, call the front desk; do not leave copiers jammed or out of paper.

Whenever possible, use electronic means to distribute readings and handouts to your students.  One way for you to cut down on the number of copies that you make for the classes that you are teaching is to post documents on iCollege. You can also send emails with attachments to students, or create a webpage that includes assignments, readings, and activity sheets. You can use a doc cam in the classroom to show pages from a book. Also, the copier now has a scanner, which can be used to scan materials and PDF them. For this feature, you use the email option and email the PDF to yourself.

Desk Copies of Textbooks and Textbook Orders

The GSU Guide to First-Year Writing (Fountainhead) is required for all composition courses. In addition, each year the Lower Division Directors (through a survey of instructors) decide on a list of possible supplemental texts to use for composition as well as texts for literature courses. Desk copies for each course are available from Meagan Malone in office 2240 in 25 Park Place. We have requested enough desk copies for you to take one for each default text you are actually using. Other books to look through for ideas and additional readings for students are located in the Troy Moore Library and Meagan’s office. All instructors must place an order with Jenn Olive, the front office manager, by the deadline each semester. Look for an email from the manager about deadlines and forms. You do not need to list the First Year Guide; it has already been ordered for all 1101 and 1102 sections.

In addition, you should know that your textbook order goes to the main bookstore and then is shared with the other GSU bookstore, Georgia Bookstore. Your students need to know that if one bookstore does not have your book in stock, the other one may. However, they can use their Hope Scholarship award or anticipated financial aid only at the main (University) bookstore. Many students are ordering books online, so make sure that they are getting the correct editions.

Also, if you are putting together a course packet or using a text not on the list of suggested texts, please check with Dr. Lopez before you order the books for your classes. To request approval, please email Dr. Lopez to set up an appointment and bring in a sample syllabus and a copy of the texts you wish to use. Important: If you opt to use non-default texts, you must secure approval from Dr. Lopez BEFORE book orders are due, not when it’s close to or after the start of the semester.

Full-time Status

To be a graduate teaching assistant, you must maintain your status as a full-time student. This means you must register 18 credit hours each semester. Anything short of 18 credit hours will render you ineligible to be a GTA. This doesn’t mean, of course, that you have to take six regular three-credit courses each semester, which would be impossible for most people who also have teaching duties. Instead, you can register for some hours in addition to your regular graduate classes. For information on how to register for research hours, please see Jody Brooks or Dr. Chris Kocela.

Key Cards

For keys to the Department, your office, and classrooms (when necessary), see Harper Strom, Assistant to the Chair. He can give you a key card, but even without a key card, the Key Control personnel can verify your identity by looking in GoSolar, as long as you make sure you have your Panther Card. Take key card and/or picture ID to Key Control in 1 Park Place. Enter the building on the side near the Police Department. Key Control is around the corner on the first floor.

Currently, classrooms are often locked during the semester because they contain computer equipment (like Classroom South and some classrooms in Aderhold) or other media equipment. It’s best to check out the room a day or so before your class begins and then make your key request early as the key control staff will often need time to cut keys. Be sure to hand in your classroom keys at the end of each semester (you will be charge $50.00 for each missing key).

Office Space

Instructor offices are assigned by the Front Office Manager, Jenn Olive. We have many more people teaching than we have office space, so you will share an office with several of your colleagues. If you find that your office is busy or you need space to meet with students other than your office, there are several other options available. For example, you may use the Writing Studio, spaces in the New Student Center (Art Gallery and Lounge, 3rd floor), or the Saxby’s coffee shop on the 1st floor of Library North. All of these provide comfortable settings for working alone or with students.


Per University policy, the department generally makes annual appointments instead of term appointments for graduate assistants. Each graduate assistant should have received or will receive a letter indicating his/her status and salary. If you did not receive this letter, please see Marta Hess for a copy. Pay dates are listed on the GSU Human Resources website. If you sign up for Direct Deposit, your check is deposited automatically in your account, and you will be able to view all payroll information through your ADP account online. The Human Resources office has a special help desk for ADP questions. Also, please see Marta if your check does not look correct.