All events take place at Troy Moore Library unless otherwise indicated.

GTA Meetings 2019

Wed., August 21, 9:00am-3:00pm

Friday, October 25 from 12:30pm-4pm

Friday, February 28th from 12:30pm-4pm

Friday, April 3rd from 12:30pm-4pm

Teaching Portfolios

Due Feb 2020

Hard copy portfolios and graded student work should be put in Meagan Malone’s mailbox on the 23rd floor of 25 Park Place. Electronic materials may be emailed to whomever the GTA has scheduled the annual review meeting, either Dr. Lopez or Andrea Jurjević.


Final Grades (Fall) due Dec. 12, 2018
Final Grades (Spring) due May 8, 2019

GEA Meetings and Events

See the English Department’s calendar and the GEA’s calendar.

Updated June 12, 2018