Student Work Showcase

Please take a look at some of the incredible work done by students in Lower Division Studies courses!

Atlanta Studies

“Atlanta: A Crossroad” by Sierra Kirkpatrick

“East Point: Media and Reputation” by Qianmo Chen

“A Glimmer of Hope: Donald Glover and the new black creatives” by Isaiah Chapman

“The Impact of Trap Music on the Greater Atlanta Community” by Andrew Wilcox

“Put a Stop to the 80-Year-Old Disease” by Macy Newbury

“Rebecca Ann Latimer Felton, the First Female US Senator” by Noa Rhodes

“Sex trafficking in Atlanta” by Anaya Pollard

“Young Thug: An Atlanta Icon” by Juliana Dasilva

Student Public Scholarship

The New South Inside Out Project, Ashley McNeil, Spring 2013

Sample Essays

Essays from 1101 and 1102 on the Guide to First-Year Writing companion website