Atlanta Studies

“Atlanta: A Crossroad” by Sierra Kirkpatrick

“East Point: Media and Reputation” by Qianmo Chen

“A Glimmer of Hope: Donald Glover and the new black creatives” by Isaiah Chapman

“The Impact of Trap Music on the Greater Atlanta Community” by Andrew Wilcox

“Put a Stop to the 80-Year-Old Disease” by Macy Newbury

“Rebecca Ann Latimer Felton, the First Female US Senator” by Noa Rhodes

“Sex trafficking in Atlanta” by Anaya Pollard

“Young Thug: An Atlanta Icon” by Juliana Dasilva

These papers were written for English 1102 taught in Fall 2017 by Sara Harwood. See Writing Prompt.
Instructor biography:
Sara Harwood is a doctoral student and instructor in the English Department. She earned her BA in History at the University of Toronto and her MA in History at the University of Windsor. Her research focuses on early American literature, history, and religion. Likewise, her pedagogy encourages an interdisciplinary approach to composition. Her course themes include a Composition I course on Bonnie and Clyde, which analyzes the rhetoric of historical documents on the Barrow Gang, and a Composition II course on Public Memory, which examines the rhetoric of preserved historical sites in Atlanta.
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