Call for Essay Submissions

Guide to First Year Writing 7th edition

A new edition of the Guide to First Year Writing is in the works, and we are in need of new sample essays to include. Feedback from GTAs indicates that these essays are of great pedagogical value and that it would be helpful to have more in the new edition. We are seeking examples of excellent student work from any of your previous or current classes. We are happy to accept final essays and any process work or reflections that might accompany these essays. Please consider identifying and submitting any of the following kinds of student work:

  • Literacy narratives
  • Micro-ethnographies
  • Community-based essays
  • Visual and spatial analyses
  • New media/multimodal projects
  • Research papers/supported arguments
  • Annotated Bibliographies

These samples do not need to conform to the specific assignment sheets in the standard 1101/1102 curriculum. They do need to showcase work that evidences student understanding and use of major learning outcomes for these courses such as ability to:

  • Gather, summarize, synthesize and explain information from various sources.
  • Analyze, evaluate, document, and draw inferences from various sources.
  • Identify, select, and analyze appropriate research methods, research questions, and evidence for a specific rhetorical situation.
  • Use grammatical, stylistic, and mechanical formats and conventions appropriate for a variety of audiences, but in particular the formal academic audience that makes up the discourse community with which you will also become more familiar in this course.
  • Use argumentative strategies and genres in order to engage various audiences.
  • Produce coherent, organized, readable compositions for a variety of rhetorical situations.

To submit, first identify the student and obtain from them a Permission Release Form. Then, email the work and form to or drop these in Meagan Malone’s mailbox on the 23rd floor.

Submission Deadline: November 26th, 2018