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Andrew Fentem

Instructor    Graduate Teaching Assistant

AA in Liberal Arts from Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College 2005
BA in English from Valdosta State University 2008
MA in Literary Studies from Georgia State University 2014
PhD in Literary Studies from Georgia State University Current


Postcolonial literature and theory often in comparison to contemporary American and British literature.


Born in Colorado but raised in Oklahoma, my mother, brother, sister, and I moved to Manchester, Georgia in July 1995. We relocated to Tifton, Georgia three years later where I graduated high school and a small community college before moving to Valdosta, Georgia to finish my BA in English. I moved to Atlanta in 2010 and was soon thereafter accepted into GSU’s MA program and eventually graduating into the PhD program for Literary Studies. Since then, I’ve volunteered and have been working in the Writing Studio, teaching English Composition classes in the Fall of 2012, and tutoring elementary and middle school kids for a company three days a week in Alpharetta.