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Charles Grimm

Instructor    Graduate Teaching Assistant

B.A., English, Faulkner University, 2005
M.A., English Literature, University of Alabama in Huntsville, 2014


Composition pedagogy, use of student texts and peer review, history of rhetoric


My research interests lie largely within the realm of utopian studies, but specifically how ideas espoused by thinkers such as Ernst Bloch apply practically for my students, most of whom are first year composition students. Beyond this interest, I am also invested in Grimm Brother fairy and folk tales, Renaissance English literature, Chinese language learning, and community building. In all areas of my life I am seeking to learn how to extend grace in meaningful ways, as I believe grace is foundational to community.


“Chinese Zombies in the American English Composition Classroom.” Sweetland DRC. Gayle Morris Sweetland Digital Rhetoric Collaborative. 20 November 2014. Web. 8 September 2015.