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Thomas Paul Carroll

Instructor    Graduate Teaching Assistant

MA, Linguistics, University of South Carolina
BA, English, Kennesaw State University
Summer Course, Icelandic and Icelandic Culture, University of Iceland


Literary theory and philosophy, Language, English Renaissance


Thomas Carroll is a PhD student in Literary Studies with the Department
of English. His academic interests are centered on conceptions of the
Self and the roles that temporality, certainty, and desire play in these
notions. These interests also include a variety of related ideas:
subjectivity, ontology, psychoanalytic theory, counterfactuals,
language, truth, narrative, and memory. His literary focus is on
representations of Self; instances of awakening, disillusionment, or
resistance; and the English Renaissance.

As an Instructor, he has taught more than 70 sections of First Year
English and is currently in his third year with Lower Division Studies
at Georgia State University.