Credit Transfers

According to GSU policy, students may be allowed to transfer credit from a previously attended university in order to satisfy a course offered at Georgia State University. If you have previously taken some English classes at another institution, you may apply to transfer the credits as long as the courses are similar in content coverage, the type of assignments, and the intellectual rigor to the English courses offered here. You must follow the petition process and hand all materials to Andrea Jurjević, Associate Director of Lower-Division Studies. The director of Lower-Division Studies will review the materials and make a decision. Since the review is a privilege granted by the director, that decision is final.

The following materials are needed for your petition:

  • Petition for Credit Transfer Form
  • A course description from the previously attended university or a copy of the course syllabus
  • Description of assignments from the course
  • A copy of your academic transcript that lists this course and your grade
  • An unofficial copy of your GSU transcript that shows how the course transferred
  • Written work from this course or from a more recent (or advanced) course
  • Submit all the above materials to Andrea Jurjević